The Corporate Escapists TV Show Episode 2 with guest Angela Maree

Welcome to the Corporate Escapists TV Show


Welcome to the Corporate Escapists TV Show.

Join your host Christine Innes and special guest Angela Maree as we tackle the topics linked to escaping the corporate world.

Angela Maree is the founder of Heal.Thy Money Co and a Chartered Accountant (20 years!), Empowerment Coach, Pilates Instructor, Health & Nutrition Coach and lover of all things mind, body and soul.

She began her soulpreneurial journey five years ago, after saying goodbye to the corporate world and seeking out her soul’s purpose. The journey has been a winding one full of twists and turns - but most important, self-discovery, growth, finding self-worth and self-love. Angela’s first step was to follow her passions to become a Pilates Instructor, but in the back of her mind knew this wasn’t her final destination.

Angela has now combined her worlds with Heal.Thy Money Co, doing accounting for Instructors and conscious entrepreneurs! Angela’s message to you is that you don’t have to see the whole path in front of you before starting, just take that first small step and be open to the different possibilities of where that path can lead you.

Your host, Christine Innes is a Transition and Lifestyle coach who helps you go from a corporate mess to your empowered best.

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