The Corporate Escapists TV Show Episode 1 with guest David Vletas

Welcome to the Corporate Escapists TV Show


Welcome to The Corporate Escapists TV Show

Join me your host Christine Innes as David and I discuss the ups and downs of escaping the corporate world.

David is the owner of the Costa Rica Wellness Institute, he has been a Scientist for over 35 years and a Coach for over 25 years. David moved to Costa Rica more than 15 years ago where he has been “Following His Bliss” and helping others to find theirs.

The Costa Rica Wellness Institute, is a global consulting firm that designs and implements initiatives to elevate individuals, families and corporate performance. It is in our satisfaction and an overall mindfulness for life where we connect to our optimal aptitudes for contribution.

David has worked with over two thousand people since 1992 mentoring and coaching them to produce transformational results for themselves, their families and their corporate activities. Our sustainable future, and one focused on renewable resources are increasingly important for the planet. We are in an “Energy Renaissance” Increasing our individual abilities and our technological efficiencies.

If you believe our overall personal and corporate contribution is enhanced by training individuals to optimize their skills while creating sustainable habits then you are in the right place. Our human energy is our greatest energy. This is going to be great! And, as always, The Best Is Yet To Come…

Your host, Christine Innes is a Transition and Lifestyle coach, helping you go from corporate mess to your empowered best.

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