The Goddess Gathering

A monthly membership like no other.

It is a community for women who are ready to live a life filled with love, joy, abundance and flow and reconnect back to their true authentic self and unleash the Goddess within.

In the membership you will learn how to:
* Embody the Goddess within.  A Goddess is divine women on a journey of self discovery of learning how to accept and love herself on all levels - mind, body and soul.  A divine woman focused on her own personal growth to live a life filled with love, joy, abundance and flow.

* Awaken the divine femme power and reconnect back to your true authentic self.  Learn how to nourish yourself so you can fall deeply in love with who you are on all levels.

When we love ourselves and set our own boundaries, values and non-negotiables this enables our relationships (romantic and non-romantic) to strengthen and flourish.

*Start sharing your new truths and reignite the passion and joy in your life.  We can all rewrite our story and when you let go of the past and reset your internal GPS you open a gateway to more joy, passion and fulfillment in your life.

* Reconnect back to what lights you up and allow your creativity to shine through.

When we reconnect back to our intuitive powers, it allows us to ignite the flame for the passion in our life.

*A little bit of woo-woo is added.  Create abundance in your life and open up the poser of manifestation and the harmony of and peace of mediation.

The monthly membership includes:

* Weekly live training session
* Weekly Q& A sessions - you will have access to upload your questions to be answered.
* guided workbooks, covering topics on core beliefs, setting intentions, manifestation, femme power, alignment, finding your joy and much more
* Guided meditations, mantras and journal prompts
* Access to the Goddess Gathering private Facebook Group.

Complete value at over $3500 and you only pay $97 per month.