Create your life plan and be soul aligned.


It all started when…

I have always been driven and in 2015 things came crushing down.

  • I was no longer able to work

  • I was lost

  • I was broken

  • I had no zest for life

Over the past few years I have done a lot of soul searching and reclaimed my life and on of the key areas I focused on was to ensure that I was more aligned to my soul. Making sure that I was more balanced in all areas of my life.

I found that new years resolutions did not work.. I needed something more. I needed a life plan.

When creating my own life plan, I used 7 key fundamentals. These fundamentals ensured that my values were clear, my purpose and mission statement was aligned to what I wanted to achieve, not only personally but professional.

Fast forward to today and

  • I have owned my struggles and my story

  • I have learnt the power to rewrite my story

  • I have learnt how to balance my life and be soul aligned

It is time to say goodbye to new year resolutions and say hello to a life plan that has purpose, passion and is aligned to your soul.