Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back?

Are your limiting beliefs stopping your from living your best life?

We all have a belief system within us, it is whether that belief system is serving us a purpose.  Is it allowing us to step out of comfort zone and live a life filled with love, joy, abundance and flow?

Are your limiting beliefs stopping you?

If we stop and think about what we say to ourselves and the follow on effect it has it can either hold us back or push us forward.

I watched a video that the super talented Regan Hillyer did about beliefs and she mentioned skiing and our belief system.

It was a crazy coincident as only that night I had been having a conversation with my son, who is off to Canada later this year.  My son mentioned how he is looking forward to snow boarding and but he thinks he will be bad at it in the beginning.  

In Regan’s video, the mindset is that if you think you will suck at skiing you will.  Yet if you say you will be the best at it, you will be and have more fun.

There is a lot more to the video so check it out here.

What limiting beliefs are stopping you?

Are they stopping you from starting a new business?

Going on a holiday?

Learning a new language?

Take some time to sit back and take stock of your belief systems and old stories that are stopping you in your tracks.

The more we continue to stay in or comfort zone the more these limiting beliefs will continue to remain still.

The stories we tell ourselves or have been told can all change.

Do you remember the story books you read as a child where you could choose your own adventure?

We all can choose a different chapter, to rewrite our own story.

Letting go of these stories, the limiting beliefs that have stuck with us our entire life is also letting go of the fear that is associated with the unknown.

How will the story end, who do we meet on the journey, what is the next adventure.

These are all questions that we don’t have answers for, yet by letting go we can explore these more.

It is embracing it and letting go of the fear.

If I let my limiting beliefs to take over, I would not be where I am today.  Growing a business that I love, meeting new people that inspire me, finding genuine love again and getting out there and having fun.

I was so afraid of the unknown and what I had held onto for so long that I forgot how much fun life could be.

Start writing new chapters.

Create the ending YOU want.

Don’t be afraid to dream big.

To let go of what is no longing serving you.

Start trying new things.



Have fun

Dare to dream.

Take the action and have faith within yourself.


It is time to make your soul happy and let go of your limiting beliefs and live your best life.

Christine InnesComment