Advice From A Recovering Perfectionist

Are you a perfectionist and is this something that you allow to rule you?

This is something I am guilty of and lately I have realised just how much time I wasted, especially when I was working in the corporate world making sure things were PERFECT.

It is simply crazy thinking of all the time wasted.  What I remember most is that I would sit down and write an email, place it in draft and go back and re-read it multiple times., making sure that the grammar, tone and my interpretation was perfect.

It also brought my attention to the amount of time that I would spend in my head overthinking everything (I will get to the mean girl voice soon). Thinking what others would say, how they would react. Simply CRAZY!

My emotions where everywhere.  I would be:

  • Flipping out

  • Freaking out

  • Confused

  • Telling myself I couldn’t do that

  • Talking myself out of something that could be rewarding

Does this sound like you?

I remember when I was starting to do Facebook lives and thinking, “seriously who do you think you are.. who wants to listen to you and take on board what you are saying.”

This was my mean girl voice coming out and being louder than she needed to be.  

It has taken me a while to get out of my head and quieten the mean girl voice down.

Learning how NOT to be a perfectionist, the first thing I did was remove the word perfection from my vocabulary. Why?

Perfection is something that is unattainable.  It drove me crazy. I realised that always trying to aim for perfection I was not allowing myself to enjoy the moment.

Instead I replaced the word ‘perfection’ with the word ‘authentic’.  Just to be me.

We live in a social media world and are constantly comparing ourselves to others.  This can lead to us forgetting what makes us unique.

We need to remember:

  • Everyone poops.

  • Everyone makes mistakes.

  • Everyone is uniquely different.

Why do you want to be like everyone else when you can be YOU?

Stop worrying about what others think or are going to say.  Focus on being your authentic self.

The other part of being a perfectionist is allowing fear to set in and take over.  It stops us form living our own life on our own terms.

Don’t let fear hold you back. Don’t compare yourself to others as what makes you – YOU – your true authentic self is perfectly imperfect.

This is your reminder that:

  • You are worthy.

  • You are enough.

  • You are amazing.

It is time for you to show up. To get out there and create the life you want and truly deserve. Time to tell the mean girl voice inside of your head to stay home as she is not welcomed when you go out and enjoy life to the fullest.

Time for YOU to start being your true authentic self and start showing up as YOU.

Embrace YOU

Love who YOU are

Get out and shine.

Watch the magic happen when you show up as your true authentic self.

Christine InnesComment