7 Fundamentals Of Being Soul Aligned

Life can be a bit of a roller coaster at times but having a goal for my life has allowed me to create a life filled with love, joy, abundance and flow.

You are probably asking what does the really mean though.

When we focus on one thing it can allow others to become out of balance.  The idea of creating balance and harmony is to spend time each day on each of these fundamentals to create more balance and harmony.

Have you ever set a new years resolution and found that you are focused on achieving that goal but other things go the way side. It could be a resolution to focus on your health and then your focus is turned away from your finances, you overspend to reach that goal or you even forget about having fun and going out and experiencing new things.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals, in fact I encourage setting short and long term goals, however we need to make sure we have balance and not get too over focused and obsessive with that one goal.

Having these key fundamentals allow you to create the harmony you need in your life.

Key fundamentals are:

💫 Health - physical and emotional
💫 Relationship - family, friends and romantic
💫 Mission - your life purpose
💫 Experiences - getting out there
💫 Spirituality
💫 Learning

Lets expand on these a little more.

Health – This is your physical and emotional health.

Life can be hectic at times and then we can become time poor. Remember you are worthy to take time out for YOU.

Even when we have good habits, you eat right, you workout, yet we sometimes neglect our mental health.  You mind and body are connected and they both need to healthy to create the balance.

It is time to include some ME time in your day.  

It could be having a bath, reading a book or taking a walk and getting some fresh air.  Find what you enjoy and incorporate physically and emotion health together.

Relationships.  This is all your relationships romantic, family, friendships, work colleagues etc.

It is taking time to value the relations that are bringing you value and to perhaps to say “bye Felicia” to the ones that are not serving you a purpose.

Being aware of the energy vampires (toxic people) in your life is essential. If they are not serving you a purpose, not bringing you love and joy in your life, it is OK for you to push back.  

Having been in a toxic relationship it was difficult for me to first identify it first, then to break away. I learnt that the more connected I was with myself, how well I knew me and gave more love back to myself, the stronger I became and was able to recognise the energy vampires and allow the distance between certain relationship.

Breaking free from the relationship that was not serving me well, allowed me to free up time to spend on nurturing the relationship that were.

Mission.  Create a mission statement.

What is your life purpose?  Where are you heading? What are your core values?

All of these make up your mission statement.  It is what you stand for. Having a mission statement for your life will bring you clarity.  

For myself it has allowed me to make better decisions both in my personal life and in my business.  

If you don’t stand for anything you fall for everything

Experiences – having some fun.  

Many of us are stuck in a job we don’t like or doesn’t fulfil us.  It would be sad for us to not take time to invest energy in what lights us up.

Get out there, enjoy life. Let your hair down.

Spirituality – Embrace it

It could be following your religion or if you are like me exploring a little woo-woo.  It is expanding your horizon more following your passion.

Take some time to write down what it means to you and how you embrace it in your life.

Finances – be empowered by your finances.

Have a plan and be accountable for your money. Take care of what you work hard for.  

Money can have a love/hate relationship with people.  It is time for us to stop putting our head in the sands and to look at money in a different way.

We focus a lot on the lack of money we have.  This is a good opportunity for us to turn it around and be grateful for what we can do with the money.. and yes that is paying bills.

It did take me some time to fully embrace this as our mindset around money can have many different stories.

Be grateful that you have the money to pay your bills which allows us to have hot water, a phone, internet, roof over our head etc.  

How you can have more when you are not grateful for what you have right now?

Learning – when we continually learn it keeps our mind active.  

It keeps us young.

Now who doesn’t want that!  

When these key fundamentals are all aligned, we create the right balance in lie. It is where the magic happens.

Would you be ready to spend 5 minutes each day on every one of these fundamentals to create the magic in your life

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