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I am so glad you’re here.  You are in the right place as it is my passion and purpose in life to help people just like you.

I know firsthand the feeling of being a hot mess when you’re at a crossroad in your life. Before I was a Transition and Lifestyle coach.. there was a corporate girl… The people pleaser and yes girl.

Always saying YES

Desperate for other people’s approval.

Scared to be herself no matter how many times she would look in the mirror and say “you’ve got this!”.

You know that terrible feeling that washes over you when life gives you lemons and you see no way out of your situation?

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It wasn’t like some light switched on and I became a Transition and Lifestyle coach, so much happened that led me to this pathway.

There were numerous life events that took place. From being broke and broken to being in a toxic relationship, life dealt me a few lemons to say the least.

I was tired and worn out. I had a broken record playing in my head. Questions needed to be answered.

I kept asking myself:

“Who am I without my job title?”

“What I am I going to do next?”

I wanted to find answers. I needed clarity, and to take back control of my life again.

So the decision was made.

It was time for me to get back into the driver’s seat, to take back control.  

Reset my internal GPS and change the direction of my life.


The reality was my life was about to change completely. I knew that I had a purpose in life and dreams I wanted to fulfill & now it was time for ME.

Time for change. Time to take back control.

During my journey, I started to remember what brought me happiness in my life. It was spending time with friends, family, taking walks along the beach. It was during this time that I remembered that during my corporate life, I had always been in some form of management role. Coaching and developing staff and I absolutely loved it. Seeing some grow, develop and step up and take charge.. I get goosebumps thinking about it.

Then the force of the universe collided with me. I was sitting at the computer and scrolling through Facebook, when I saw an event to learn about being a life coach.. This moment changed my path.

Life coaching was all new to me. After immersing myself in all the details and courses I could consume, I knew that I had found my calling.

When I first started as a coach it was by sharing my own personal story and the reaction from other women was clear indication that I was on the right path.

There are women out there just like me and you.

Feeling like they are in their own world of pain, like they are sleep walking through life. Their zest for life is gone, and they have lost their passion. They feel empty, like something is missing. Continuously beating themselves up for wanting more out of life. Lost their own identity and want to reset their own internal GPS and start on their own pathway instead of always following others.

I know from experience that it is time to STOP!

Stop being the people pleaser, stop being a follower and take charge.

Start taking charge of your own life.

Choose that new exciting pathway and follow your own dreams.

It is time for you to reclaim your life.

Live it with passion and purpose.


I can assure you that once you take that first step, that first leap of faith, your life will change.

You are ready to do the work, that is why you’re here.

That is why you’re thinking of leaving your 9-5 (or already have and stuck on what to do next) and need support and guidance.

By being here and reading this, you are ready and willing to do the work and I want to assure you, you are in safe hands.

So are you ready?

Ready to take the leap and reset your internal GPS and choose a new pathway?

If you said YES, book in for a FREE chat today and let’s get started.

I am excited for you and cannot wait to help and support you.

Love and light,

x Christine

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